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Art Suite Release Notes 1.18.01 (2015/10/30).

External package changes.

This release of the art suite uses cetbuildtools 4.17.01, which was necessary to accommodate building on OSX - Yosemite.

Art 1.18.01.

Known issues: important note

An undefined reference to art::TypeID::TypeID(std::type_info const&) was present in 1.18.00, leading to a link-time failure. To resolve this, ${ART_UTILITIES} must be in the library list when linking a service.

For cetbuildtools users, simple_plugin may add ${ART_UTILITIES} automatically in future releases of art.

messagefacility 1.16.08 (in since art 1.18.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.13.00 (in since art 1.18.00).

cetlib 1.16.00 (in since art 1.18.00).

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