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Art Suite Release Notes 1.17.01 (2015/10/22).

Art 1.17.01.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #10358: A faulty test has been deactivated so that users who prefer to build art themselves and run its test suite will not have any test failures.

Known issues:

  • Issue #10614: It was reported that art was not able to read input files that were produced before 1.16.00, due to a missing ResultsTree.

messagefacility 1.16.07 (in since art 1.17.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.12.06 (in since art 1.17.00).

cetlib 1.15.03 (in since art 1.17.00).

cpp0x 1.04.13 (in since art 1.17.00).

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