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This is a major feature release.

The following methods have been modified since v1_4_1:

  • locateFile and establishProcess now take optional schema arguments (added last parameter) to specify preferred URL schema for the resulting locations; possibilities are gridftp, srm, and xrootd
  • ls now correctly lists just whether a directory exists with recursion_depth = 0
  • ls, mkdir, rmdir, etc. correctly listen to IFDH_FORCE in the environment.

The following methods have been added since v1_4_1:

  • locateFiles does a batch lookup of locations of multiple files, and returns a filename -> location list map.
  • more lets you view a file -- ifdh more /pnfs/nova/scratch/users/mengel/test.txt to read a text file
  • checksum computes the SAM/enstore checksum for a file.
  • pin lets you pin a /pnfs location for a given duration in seconds -- ifdh pin /pnfs/nova/scratch/foo.txt 3600 will keep the file around for an hour.
  • chmod lets you set unix permissions on a file or directory -- only the numeric form (i.e. ifdh chmod 777 /some/where ) of modes are supported currently
  • rename does an atomic rename, i.e. ifdh rename /some/path/a /some/path/b
  • ll like ls gives you lists of files and also their sizes
  • findMatchingFiles takes a directory path and a wildcard pattern, and looks 10 levels deep in the directories for files matching the pattern, and returns the filenames and sizes.
  • fetchSharedFiles takes a list of files/sizes (as from ll or from findMatchingFiles) and arranges to have them visible locally, returning a new list of local file paths. It optionally takes a "schema" argument, allowing you to specify xrootd if you want to use xrootd to access the files.

The latter two calls constitute our interface for shared/auxiliarry file access.

Projects supported

  • gums mapping update -- full paths used in dcache gridftp
  • bluearc unmount -- altenate mount point support
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