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Art Suite Release Notes 1.12.04 (2014/11/11).

e5 and e6 qualifier support.

This release continues support for e5 (GCC 4.8.2, -std=c++11) and e6 (GCC 4.9.1, -std=c++1y) qualifiers. e5-qualified builds will be produced on request.

External package changes.

root has been upgraded to version 5.34.23, principally to resolve issues with root-config not reflecting options required to compile code in a way that is link-compatible with root as-built. External products in the dependency chain (pandora, genie) have received letter-bump version upgrades relative to 1.12.01.

Art 1.12.04.

New features:

  • Issue #7073: New command-line options for output control.
    • If "/dev/null" is given as the argument to the -o option, then at most one output will be deactivated. Paths referencing the deactivated output will be adjusted as necessary and deleted if empty. The use of -o /dev/null in the presence of multiple configured outputs is an error.
    • The new option --no-output will deactivate any and all outputs. Paths referencing the deactivated output will be adjusted as necessary and deleted if empty. Use of -o and --no-output is ambiguous, and therefore an error.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #7224: sam_metadata_dumper erroneously categorized the string, "words", as a canonical JSON string, resulting in illegal JSON output.
    • The art::FileCatalogMetadata service has a new parameter, checkSyntax which will verify that all SAM metadata input is JSON-legal. If art::FileCatalogMetadata::addMetadata(key, value) is called with this option activated, the string
      { "key" : value }
      will be passed to the RapidJSON parser for validation. Parse errors will result in an exception detailing the location and type of error. The output from user-supplied plugins of type art::FileCatalogMetadataPlugin will be similarly checked.
    • A new function art::FilecatalogMetadata::addMetadataString() automatically treats the provided value as a JSON string and wraps it in double quotes, escaping where necessary. For example, Pat had a little "trouble." becomes "Pat had a little \"trouble.\""; "Brilliant!" is unchanged.
    • sam_metadata_dumper will now produce canonical strings for identified string data in both human-readable (-H) and default JSON modes. This cannot be guaranteed to be foolproof unless services.FileCatalogMetadata.checkSyntax was configured true when the data file was produced.

messagefacility 1.12.00 (new version).

fhicl-cpp 3.01.03 (new version).

cetlib 1.08.00 (new version).

cpp0x 1.04.08 (in since art 1.11.02).

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