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ART Suite Release Notes 1.11.01 (2014/08/26).

ART 1.11.01.

Bug fixes:

  • art_make() correctly passes the DICT_FUNCTIONS option to art_dictionary().
  • Silence a CMake 3.0.1 warning seen in CheckClassVersion.cmake when art_dictionary() is called during the build of a non-art package.

Known issues:

  • Accessing files in an art executable through xrootd causes a segfault at application tear-down due to an interaction between ROOT and xrootd 4.0.3. This was solved by building ROOT against an older version of xrootd (3.3.4).

messagefacility 1.11.13 (in since ART 1.11.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.01.00 (in since ART 1.11.00).

cetlib 1.07.01 (in since ART 1.11.00).

cpp0x 1.04.07 (in since ART 1.11.00).

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