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ART Suite Release Notes 1.10.00a (2014/06/11).

ART 1.10.00a.

Bug fixes:

  • The human-readable output of sam_metadata_dumper uses the old-style metadata keys, fileType, dataTier and streamName; the JSON output features file_type, data_tier and data_stream, per their SAM equivalents. applicationFamily and applicationVersion remain camel-case because they have no direct SAM equivalents: they must be combined with the application name as part of a tuple. See the sam-web wiki metadata article for more details.
  • file_type (or fileType) is correctly output as, "unknown" if not specified by command-line or FHiCL. If file_type is added by user code, then the duplicate key will appear later in the output list and therefore, by convention, be considered to override.
  • art::SourceHelper::make_ptr -> art::SourceHelper::makePtr for consistency of interface.

messagefacility 1.11.08 (in since ART 1.10.00).

fhicl-cpp 2.19.04 (in since ART 1.10.00).

cetlib 1.06.01 (in since ART 1.10.00).

cpp0x 1.04.04 (in since ART 1.09.03).

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