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ART Suite Release Notes 1.08.00 (2013/07/30).

Previous version's release notes.

ART 1.08.00.

New features:

  • The suite is now compiled against GCC 4.8.1.
  • art_make() now recognizes arbitrary plugin types: just specify (possibly blank) XXXX_LIBRARIES option to define plugin type XXXX.
  • Internal code improvements include the separation of end-path and trigger-path management. User visible consequences are:
    • physics.trigger_paths and physics.end_paths sequences are no longer necessary, but are still honored. They are composed by looking in the physics parameter set for unrecognized sequences and examining their contents.
    • It is now an error to put a parameter into physics unless it is either recognized (producers, etc.) or a sequence of modules (a path definition).
    • It is now an error to have mixed paths (a path containing end-path modules (analyzers or outputs) and trigger-path modules (filters or producers).
    • Multiple specified end paths are combined into one end path, end_path, as module order and path order are both irrelevant for analyzers and outputs since they should not depend upon each other.
    • Given the magnitude of the code changes, and the lack of coverage for tests of changes to e.g. metadata, experiments should carefully vet this release before relying on it.
  • art::ValidHandle now conforms to the Handle interface as closely as possible.
  • RootOutput now supports post-close file renaming. In addition, there is a related callback, art::ActivityRegistry::sPostCloseOutputFile, described at the same place, to allow for non-destructive file operations and/or recording of filenames.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #3906: Main parameter set not saved in RootFileDB.

Known issues:

  • Incorrect tagging of dependent packages means that this release cannot be a coherent, "suite" release.
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