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ART Suite Release Notes 1.02.00 (2012/09/19).

Previous version's release notes.

ART 1.02.00.

New features:

  • Implement interface to SAM service per SAM_Interactions requirements document. SAM services will be provided by REX. Command-line options now inject the correct configuration to select SAM-based file input and/or handle insertion of the correct metadata into each ROOT output file.
  • art::View now support C++ 2011 range-for syntax: for (auto prod_const_pointer : myView) { ... }.
  • New get, put interface to fhicl::intermediate_table to facilitate configuration post-processing by experiments.
  • Overhaul command-line processing: the system is now modular, allowing experiments to "pick 'n' mix" options by group for their exec, and easily add their own option groups. source:art/Framework/Art/, source:art/Framework/Art/ are now much simpler, with more of the boilerplate moved out into source:art/Framework/Art/
  • The ART_DEBUG_CONFIG environment variable now has a slightly extended meaning: if its value starts with a letter, it shall be understood to specify a file into which to place the printout of the post-processed configuration file, with fallback to screen printout if a file cannot be written.
  • art::Assns<A, A> and art::Assns<A, A, D> are disabled, as they were unusable due to ambiguities of symmetry.
  • The artmod utility uses C++ 2011 syntax (override) to mark methods implementing the virtual methods to self-document better the code.
  • The artmod utility supports a new plugin type, generator for artdaq code (not relevant to art).

Bug fixes:

  • Some C++2011 code in headers was protected from being seen during dictionary generation with #ifndef __GCCXML__ due to over-inclusive header chains in experiment product definitions. See the Data Product Design Guide for advice on how to avoid this and many other problems in future.
  • Issue #2903: parsing of hex numbers in FHiCL.

Known issues:

  • This version is unreleased due to a problem with Modules/ArtDictionary.cmake.

messagefacility 1.10.14 (new version).

fhicl-cpp 2.17.00 (new version).

cetlib 1.03.13 (new version).

cpp0x 1.03.13 (new version).

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