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artdaq Release Notes 3.00.01 (26-Jan-2018)


This is a Major Release, please double-check configurations and functionality after migrating!

This version of artdaq can be built against art v2_07_03 (s50) or v2_06_01 (s46). It can be built with gcc v4_9_3a (e10) and gcc v6_3_0 (e14).

Also, artdaq can be built with the Infiniband or Ethernet MPI libraries, and these are controlled by qualifiers ib and eth.

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e14:s50, which implies the eth qualifier.

MPI data transport is deprecated in this version of artdaq. Future versions may or may not support MPI or infiniband, based on experimental interest.


artdaq version:"v3_00_01"

New features:

  • Idea #14781: Investigate starting art as a subordinate, but separate, process in the EventBuilder and Aggregator
    This is the core functionality change for artdaq v3_00_01.
  • Idea #15350: art as separate process in EventBuilder and DataLogger
  • Idea #15155: Consider some form of plugin-based system for command and control of artdaq processes
    Commander Plugins require some FHiCL code to be given to artdaq processes at start. File or fhicl strings are supported.
  • Idea #18205: A dropped request shouldn't imply empty fragments for subsequent requests
  • Idea #18521: Consider not dropping out-of-sequence requests

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Support #18368: CommandableFragmentGenerator Cleanup

Operational changes:

  • Support #18369: Fix long and arcane duration_cast lines
  • Support #18370: Refactor applyRequests
  • "Aggregator" application has been split into "DataLogger" and "Dispatcher"
  • DataLoggerCore, DispatcherCore, and EventBuilderCore all inherit from "DataReceiverCore" to reduce code repetition
  • RootMPIOutput and BinaryMPIOutput have been renamed RootNetOutput and BinaryNetOutput
  • std::future and std::thread have been replaced with boost::thread to allow control of thread stack size
  • RawEventQueueReader has been replaced by SharedMemoryReader
  • EventStore has been replaced by SharedMemoryEventManager and RequestSender

Known issues:

  • none

The following issues are either resolved by or not applicable to artdaq v3_00_01:

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Install Instructions

To install this version of artdaq on a new machine, you can use the following steps:
  • download the pullProducts script from
  • 'chmod +x pullProducts' (to make the script executable)
  • 'cd <tarfile directory>' (to avoid cluttering up the current directory with downloaded tarfiles)
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-3.00.01 s46-e10 prof'
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-3.00.01 s46-e10 debug'
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> <other CET-supported OS codes> artdaq-3.00.01 <other sX-eY combinations> <prof|debug>'
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