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gallery suite release notes 1.06.00 (2017/10/17)

 External package changes

Package gallery 1.05.03 (previous) gallery 1.06.00 (this version) Notes
boost v1_64_0 v1_65_1
clhep v2_3_4_4 v2_3_4_5
cppunit v1_13_2 v1_13_2a
gcc -- v6_4_0 New e15 qualifier
libxml2 v2_9_4b v2_9_5
python v2_7_13d v2_7_14
root v6_10_04d v6_10_08
sqlite v3_16_02_00a v3_20_01_00
tbb v2017_7 v2018
xrootd v4_5_0c v4_7_0

 Platform/compiler support changes

  • At this time, gallery does not support macOS Sierra with Xcode 9.0. Interactions between mrb and Xcode 9.0 are yielding an incomplete set of paths assigned to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. This issue is being investigated.
  • If you have upgraded to Xcode 9.0 and wish to revert to an older version, please consult the Apple developer website.
  • Note that macOS High Sierra (Darwin 17) is not yet supported by Fermilab or the art project.

 Dependent packages

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