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art suite release notes 2.06.02 (2017/02/27)

 External package changes

Package art 2.06.01 (previous) art 2.06.02 (this version)
fftw v3_3_6_pl1 v3_3_6_pl1a
root v6_08_04c v6_08_04e

 Bug fixes

  • Issue #13995: We have fixed some ambiguities in overloaded operator<< signatures that accept an art::ED{Analyzer,Filter,Producer}Table. The corresponding change in fhicl-cpp has not yet been included in this release. See known issues below.
  • Issue #15561: The fast-cloning behavior has been fixed so that an Event tree will be slow cloned if a fast clone of it has failed.
  • Issue #15665: The v6_08_04c release of ROOT did not support TPad::WaitForPrimitive calls. That has been resolved by building a patched release of ROOT that incorporates the ROOT-provided fix.

 Known issues

Whereas the fix for issue #13995 was included in the art package, the corresponding change for fhicl-cpp was not included in this release. This is unlikely to be a problem since the ambiguities described in the issue only manifest in Clang builds of the art suite, which we do not currently support. However, the fix in fhicl-cpp will be included in the next minor release of art.

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