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art suite release notes 2.02.00 (2016/08/02)

 External package changes

The table entries marked by "--" correspond to versions that exist in one art release but not the other.

Package art 2.01.02 (previous) art 2.02.00 (this version) Notes
igprof -- v5_9_16 Added to distribution

 Bug fixes

  • Issue #11648: The dependency of the cetlib checksum implementations on polarssl has been removed in favor of native implementations.
  • Issue #13055: The MemoryTracker and TimeTracker services are now safe against potential uncaught exceptions thrown from their members' destructors.
  • Issue #13321: Fix for inappropriate exception throw in situations where the deprecated services.scheduler.fileMode parameter was specified and no output modules were configured.

 Known issues

  • ROOT memory leak: This version of art uses ROOT v6_06_04a, which has known memory leaks in ROOT's fitting routines. If your experiment heavily uses ROOT's fitting algorithms in its production jobs, using this release may be unfeasible. The patched version of ROOT (v6_06_04b), which does not have the leak, is included in art 2.02.01.
  • When using messagefacility in the single-threaded mode, a segmentation violation is encountered at initialization. Although this does not affect users of art per se, which uses the facility in multi-threaded mode, it can cause problems for users initializing the messagefacility explicitly (e.g. in tests). This issue is fixed in art 2.02.02.

 Dependent packages

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