Glenn Horton-Smith





10:14 AM uBooNE DAQ Revision 91c79c1f (readout): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Commit message fix..
10:07 AM uBooNE DAQ Revision 4a520506 (readout): I updated uB_BeamData_TRIG/BNB_loss and uB_BeamData_TRIG/NuMI_loss minor alarm LOW levels to -0.03 Hz and -0.015 Hz, respectively. These variables represent the difference between uB trigger rate and spill rate for the two neutrino beams. Note that negative values indicate "loss", i.e., missing triggers.
10:05 AM uBooNE DAQ Revision 96100a5e (readout): Update alarm range for uB_BeamData_BEAM_BNB_BTH2T2/temperature per runco


06:47 PM uBooNE DAQ Revision 4b1681a2 (readout): Forgotten file commit.
06:46 PM uBooNE DAQ Revision c17a017a (readout): Add new vars to track reference position on target, calculate delta, alarm on them.


06:42 PM CRV FEB test software Revision 57e688b9: Fix blank FEB serial number bug.
(The cause was a redundant, never-filled field of the same
name in a different class.)


12:19 PM CRV FEB test software Revision 868e2879: Finer tolerance on mux calib current good check,
plus some cosmetic and usability additions.
12:15 PM CRV FEB test software Revision e10eeb74: Change nA to uA in table heading, and MSVS Designer autoannoyingly renamed lots of things again


01:52 PM CRV FEB test software Revision 31cea7d5: Multiple bug fixes.
* frmMain.cs:
- BiasSig.SetVoltage must store its new setting even if register matches
requested setting, due...


05:46 PM CRV FEB test software Revision 9e3328e2: Really read out the bias V and SiPM current to fill the V and I columns of histo data

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