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03:32 PM GlideinWMS Feature #23405: Test only python2 files in pylint and futurize
feedback sent. OK to merge
02:58 PM JobSub Revision bd03f17e: release note update
02:56 PM JobSub Bug #23413 (New): argparse library too greedy on jobsub_server
see RITM0886169
02:52 PM JobSub Bug #23379 (Resolved): x509_user_proxy not always set in jdl
went out in the 1.3 release


10:32 AM GlideinWMS Revision 78e47aaf: merge from master_ci


06:28 PM GlideinWMS Revision 70baa405: making master and master_ci agree
03:02 PM glideinwms_ci Revision e328e687: test that master branch is OK
01:33 PM JobSub Revision e7239282: updated
01:32 PM JobSub Revision 3f98768f: apparently this behavior changed when moving from argparse to optparse
01:28 PM JobSub Bug #23380 (New): need to be able to deny groups access to rapid code distribution
The MARs groups are not allowed to put various libraries on cvmfs, so a per-group jobsub.ini entry is needed to forbi...

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