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10:52 AM JobSub Wiki edit: Weekly_Meeting_Notes (#165)
09:59 AM JobSub Bug #24445 (Resolved): roll back #22417 for SL6 curl calls to RCD Server
09:58 AM JobSub Bug #24521 (Resolved): jobsub_submit_dag broken in 1.3.2


12:43 PM GlideinWMS Support #22413 (Feedback): Possible wrong SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS line in the condor config for the frontend
I believe this ticket can be closed.
The 'what happened' is explained earlier in the comments. I believe the answ...
12:31 PM GlideinWMS Support #23278: Condor 8.9.2 configuration changes
changes look good to merge
12:27 PM GlideinWMS Bug #24561 (Feedback): Glidein token fetching is not working
See branch v37/24561, branched from dcc3a9fce29.
12:20 PM GlideinWMS Bug #24565 (Feedback): Missing file, Factory will not start
please see branch v37/24565
12:15 PM GlideinWMS Bug #24544 (Feedback): Fix inconsistencies w/ token scripts
see branch v37/25455. Removed the token scripts. Revamping all the token documentation in branch 24448 so no docume...


06:22 PM GlideinWMS Revision 61c1a710: and removed from build
06:07 PM GlideinWMS Revision 73fd6d1c: use dedicated token directory and some minor pep8 and error message cleanup

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