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09:28 AM GlideinWMS Feature #20545: Problems with the default 'frontend' user in the Factory
> The IDs sent in the email from Krista seem not to belong to any user, would be good to check ‘getent passwd 992’ an...


12:11 PM GlideinWMS Bug #19827: Authentication error in glidein
Oh - I should point out that the proxy will be continuously updated by some CEs throughout the lifetime of the pilot....
11:58 AM GlideinWMS Bug #19827: Authentication error in glidein
Note that HTCondor should be matching GSI_SKIP_HOST_CHECK_CERT_REGEX against the EEC identity, not the DN of the prox...


02:52 PM GlideinWMS Feature #19422: Update of the software license
This is a non-standard change to a BSD 3-clause license. Particularly, this part may be worrisome to collaborators a...


08:09 AM GlideinWMS Bug #19360: Critical bug in 3.2.21 leads to leaking processes
Is the proposal then that we don't fix the process leaking bug because it is a good thing that the factory cra...
10:30 PM GlideinWMS Bug #19360: Critical bug in 3.2.21 leads to leaking processes
Is there something in the exception cleanup path that is broken?
Regardless of the issue at hand, this shouldn't b...


02:55 PM GlideinWMS Support #17662: singularity jobs each need a separate linux session to support restricted-access cvmfs
Process groups are not sessions (multiple processes are in a process group; multiple process groups are in a session)...


11:28 AM GlideinWMS Feature #17102 (Closed): Do not set GLIDEIN_ToDie based on X509 user proxy expiration
GLIDEIN_ToDie should not be statically configured based on X509 user proxy expiration.
- The most common CEs these...
10:44 AM GlideinWMS Feature #17081: Remove dependency from globus clients
The timeframe for OSG stopping distribution of Globus clients is sometime after the OSG (and WLCG and EGI...) stops u...


03:57 PM GlideinWMS Feature #13807: Support Singularity (future replacement for glexec)
We're starting to see VOs that are putting this into production outside of gWMS code.
Example job wrappers: https:...

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