Teresa Lackey





04:03 PM NOvA-ART Revision 46719 (svn): Removed uptime summaries and commented out noise histories + DSO plots. These are all running on dqgpvm01 again.
09:27 AM NOvA-ART Revision 46712 (svn): Minor change to timing of muon monitor jobs (with the correct math now).
09:23 AM NOvA-ART Revision 46711 (svn): Removed extra nearline stuff that runs on 02. Also changed time of muon monitor plots to run half an hour before the end of each shift so shifters can look at plots from their own shift, rather than just up to the end of the prior shift.


02:20 PM NOvA-ART Revision 46710 (svn): Updated Y Position cuts and plot range to reflect new cuts for period 11 with 2mm shift down in beam position.
11:58 AM NOvA Data Quality Wiki edit: Tasks_of_the_GoodRuns_expert (#59)
Removed my name from list - I was never a GR expert.


05:06 PM NOvA-ART Revision 46700 (svn): Beam position moved down 2 mm for period 11. Changes will use old cuts for any FD/ND runs prior to period 11.
03:23 PM NOvA Test Beam Wiki edit: Commissioning_Runs (#246)
Updated final run for set to ignore for calibration. Most had the lights-on. The final ~day in this range had lights-...


01:55 PM NOvA-ART Revision 46661 (svn): Change to using tdslicer and cosmicrayvertex. Can't use wcvertex for events that don't have a reconstructed wc track.
08:37 PM NOvA Operations Wiki edit: ShiftBulletinBoard (#1181)
Updated FD config to period11.
06:05 PM NOvA Operations Wiki edit: ExpertBulletinBoard (#175)
Added farm 60 to exclude list. Removed from run 2021-01-07 after issues while starting a run. bnevb and ddts did all ...

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