Leon Mualem





05:40 PM NOvA Revision 12279: Cleaned up some formatting for stderr returns, save files in /tmp for inspection if no mail was sent.


03:35 PM NOvA Revision 12278: Fixed some typos after fixing, and made pssh append to the logfile properly.
03:33 PM NOvA Revision 12277: After testing, added a few carriage returns for output format, set the email to the correct location, this should be ready for deployment.
01:28 PM NOvA Revision 12276: Added first version of the far detector parallel (mostly) server check script to replace


01:53 PM NOvA Operations Wiki edit: ExpertBulletinBoard (#156)
removed the reincluded farm-143 and farm-199 from the excluded list.
11:00 AM NOvA Revision 12275: excluding farm-133 it had memory issues aroun 20190903, really crashed 20191006


08:23 PM NOvA Revision 12274: Missed a logic error in one of the summary messages in the tests. Looks good now.
08:10 PM NOvA Revision 12273: Revamped the into that runs server checks as parallel ssh command. It also calls the that will report the summary statistics better, that was been failing on the ND. Still does the summaries and email and counts ssh failures separately. Instead of minutes, this will now take seconds. Need to make a similar one for FD. The main difference is the host list.


11:18 AM NOvA-ART Revision 38768 (svn): Fixed a typo, developemnt -> development


11:24 AM NOvA File Transfer System Wiki edit: Wiki (#30)
added to datadisk FTS status links

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