Leon Mualem





05:34 PM NOvA Revision 12287: removed farm-181 for memory problems and crashing


03:01 PM NOvA Operations Wiki edit: ExpertBulletinBoard (#160)
Added list of buffer nodes that can return when convenient (no need to stop, but if restarting and sufficiently awake...


03:29 PM NOvA Revision 12283: loads directly instead of with symlink


06:35 PM NOvA Revision 12282: Forgot a couple of formatting differences on the command line
06:08 PM NOvA Revision 12281: Make _nd server_chekc parallel work like the FD, so somone doesn't have to try to figure out silly idfference at some point in the future, mostly trivial changes like adding dat and time to logfile and redirecting a section of the shell script instead of all of it.
05:21 PM NOvA Revision 12280: I think these are production ready files. The server_check_pssh does a parallel server check for the far detector. It takes about 3 minutes instead of about 30. The check_functions is also modified in the way it checks for the daqlogs mounts. It should be simpler and more effective at finding problems with the daqlogs directory checks that are currently missed. It is quieter in the logfile too, so there won't be spurious instances of FAILED for things that eventually end up succeeding.


05:40 PM NOvA Revision 12279: Cleaned up some formatting for stderr returns, save files in /tmp for inspection if no mail was sent.


03:35 PM NOvA Revision 12278: Fixed some typos after fixing, and made pssh append to the logfile properly.
03:33 PM NOvA Revision 12277: After testing, added a few carriage returns for output format, set the email to the correct location, this should be ready for deployment.
01:28 PM NOvA Revision 12276: Added first version of the far detector parallel (mostly) server check script to replace

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