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07:40 PM 3.9 GHz Cryomodule testing Bug #23986 (New): Low Level RF Drive Power
Less that 200 Watts was the max output power of the 900W SSAs.


03:13 PM Recycler Mu2e Task #17062: Recycler Documents
There is still no documentation for the recycler system referenced on our website.


02:45 PM PIP-II IT HWR Task #23588 (New): Develop the requirements traceability spreadsheet
Check requirements from PDR through FRS and TRS.
Below are direct links to the HPRF and LLRF FRS Metadata sheets. ...
02:40 PM PIP-II IT HWR Task #23587 (New): Terminate cables for HWR valves and pressure transducers
Work with Shrividhyaa to order the correct connectors, make sure the cable database is correct and then terminate the...
02:33 PM PIP-II IT HWR Task #23586 (New): Buy connectors and for connections between HWR and Resonance control chassis.
Connectors to connect to the HWR resonance control valves and pressure transducers


01:51 PM LELPP Feature #2206 (Assigned): Firmware Version Control Implementation for LE Licac LLRF
01:44 PM LELPP Bug #2205 (Closed): Occational station fail on reboot.
01:43 PM LELPP Bug #4775 (Closed): LEL slot 0 code retreat to June, 2011
01:41 PM LELPP Bug #2217 (Closed): Digital control through ACNET
01:40 PM LELPP Bug #2276 (Closed): Acnet error for binary devices on dev station

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