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01:56 PM PIP II IT SSR1 Bug #25181 (Resolved): Feedback gain ranges
P gain is limited to 1000 and I gain is limited to 6E6. I think we could go higher although FB is working pretty well.
01:34 PM PIP II IT SSR1 Bug #25180 (Resolved): Beam Loading Compensation timing values are off by a factor of 5
BLC is five times longer than is indicated.
12:08 PM PIP II IT SSR1 Bug #25179 (Resolved): SSR1 Freq Track Error
If the Freq Er selector is set there is no readback in waveform or readback. In det Er (light off) the waveform is p...
11:48 AM PIP II IT SSR1 Bug #25178 (New): Labview FFT
The FFT is only single sided and we need the full analytic signal shown. Also, we need to see all RF signals.


10:12 AM llrf-HWR-fe-software Bug #25028 (Closed): Netmask is not correct
From Greg Brown -
To start off with.
From my studies I suspect that the following nodes are using a 16 bit...


05:18 PM llrf-hwr-2cavity-labview Feature #25024 (Resolved): Reference amplitude and phase
We need to be able to plot the reference line magnitude and phase and to plot FFT as well.


04:20 AM llrf-SSR1-2Cavity-firmware Bug #25019 (New): Cavity signal on SSR1-8 has fast spikes.
I tried closing the feedback loop but saw a very noisy drive signal. I then zoomed in on the cavity signal as saw fa...


02:38 AM llrf-hwr-2cavity-firmware Feature #24921 (Resolved): Beam Loading Compensation and DAQ modes
We need three modes of operation and DAQ. Pulsed mode and CW are spelled out in some TRS but DAQ for Beam Loading Co...


11:30 AM PIP II IT SSR1 Task #24741: Get LV installed on needed consoles
I suggest that we have a single folder with all up to date LV executables. I will email Darren about a central locat...
11:26 AM llrf-ssr1-fe-software-acnet Bug #24894: When LV is turned off, code also stops running.
Please update.

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