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04:20 AM llrf-SSR1-2Cavity-firmware Bug #25019 (New): Cavity signal on SSR1-8 has fast spikes.
I tried closing the feedback loop but saw a very noisy drive signal. I then zoomed in on the cavity signal as saw fa...


02:38 AM llrf-hwr-2cavity-firmware Feature #24921 (New): Beam Loading Compensation and DAQ modes
We need three modes of operation and DAQ. Pulsed mode and CW are spelled out in some TRS but DAQ for Beam Loading Co...


11:30 AM PIP II IT SSR1 Task #24741: Get LV installed on needed consoles
I suggest that we have a single folder with all up to date LV executables. I will email Darren about a central locat...
11:26 AM llrf-ssr1-fe-software-acnet Bug #24894: When LV is turned off, code also stops running.
Please update.
11:25 AM llrf-ssr1-fe-software-acnet Task #24895: Worked with Mr Nicklaus on spreadsheets.
Please update this task with the week's progress.
11:25 AM llrf-ssr1-fe-software-acnet 0.10 hour (Task #24895 (New): Worked with Mr Nicklaus on spreadsheets.)
11:22 AM PIP II IT SSR1 Milestone #24916 (New): Moving forward with SSR1 firmware and software
I took data from SSR1 and it seems to have the same issues as HWR. This is just one of many issues with this code. T...


11:41 AM PIP-II IT HWR Task #24775: Priorities for HWR
Pads are basically understood. Still need to do loop gain measurements on all stations.
System crashes may be relat...
11:41 AM PIP-II IT HWR 0.10 hour (Task #24775 (New): Priorities for HWR)


06:19 PM llrf-HWR-fe-software Bug #24884 (New): Labview gain limits
Labview is limiting the Pgain to 1000 and the Igain to 6E6. Where are the limits at? They should be three times pre...

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