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09:51 AM Main Injector and MRF Task #24603 (New): New Chassis for MILLRF - RF filters and other loose components in MI
There are several filters and other connectorized parts sitting in the MI LLRF VXI crate that need to be placed into ...


03:44 PM llrf-hwr-2cavity-firmware Task #24597 (Work in progress): Resonance controller needs diagnostics
The control loop takes off in one direction with positive gain and the other way with negative gain. It is if the er...
03:40 PM llrf-hwr-2cavity-firmware Bug #24596 (Work in progress): Resonance control goes with the wrong controller
Cav 6 labview page goes with cavity 5 controller.
This could be in the firmware, software or labview.
03:36 PM PIP-II IT HWR Bug #24593: HWR Resonance control cables
At least cables 5 and 6 are labeled wrong. Resonance control is also on the wrong labview page.


03:52 PM PIP-II IT HWR Bug #24593 (Work in progress): HWR Resonance control cables
There is still confusion about cables.
From Joe's notes.
Powered up cavity #5 at low power, and began calibrati...


02:22 PM PIP-II IT HWR Task #23587: Terminate cables for HWR valves and pressure transducers
Dan, is this complete?
10:45 AM llrf-HWR-fe-software Bug #24583: HWR Cavity power and gradient calibration
Here is the procedure from Ahmed.
Hello All,

Here's a OneDrive link to ED0011906--3.9GHz LCLS-II RF Systems Sc...
10:43 AM llrf-HWR-fe-software Task #24587 (Resolved): HWR start trigger cable termination
Hi Brian,
The HWR LLRF trig device is P:HLRFTD,W,E. There are cables pulled to rack 202. If you need 4, the cabl...
10:37 AM llrf-HWR-fe-software Task #24585 (Resolved): HWR resonance control pressure set button is broken
HWR resonance control pressure set button is broken. This means we can't set the pressure set point. The card needs...
09:59 AM llrf-HWR-fe-software Task #24584 (New): HWR startup procedure
We need a consistent process for bringing up a cavity and RF system.
1) All code and functionality must be verified ...

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