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08:57 PM Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey [DESpec] Support #3479: worsening
Its just a fudge factor, to make the sky a little brighter, for example, as Will said, as a function of airmass. Thou...


01:50 PM Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey [DESpec] Support #3470: redshift dimming of flux; redshifting of spectrum
No, it should just happen in one place. I believe there was a comment in the code about that.
I vote for doing all t...


01:32 PM Simulation Pipeline Feature #3426: Sim_Gal_Spec_Observed
Hi Ben,
I'm not working on "Sim_Gal_Spec_Observed". While at Zurich, Brian had been translating my code into Pytho...


11:30 AM Simulation Pipeline Support #3411: Spectra
In my original code, the simulated observed spectra came out in linear bins. The error-free spectra produced from k-c...
11:24 AM Simulation Pipeline Support #3420: Import of galaxy SED
I didn't make this, but the labelling seems off. Here's the correct labels, from table 3 of this paper http://adsabs....


01:22 PM Simulation Pipeline Bug #3386: Spectra
Hi Ben,
It was Brian who converted my code to Python, so you better ask him. I don't know if he ever compiled the ...


04:59 PM Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey [DESpec] Support #3312: sky background and galaxy emission
1. Good question. Not completely sure. This is basically saying that the emission happens higher up in the atmosphere...


05:26 PM Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey [DESpec] Support #3273: Signal-to-noise calc questions
1. They're all inside of the kcorrect bundle, which you can get here:

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