Carl Schumann



  • LELPP (Developer, 11/29/2011)



01:47 PM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
The AN documentation prepared by Paul Joireman,, does mentio...


11:24 AM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
We meet today from 9-10:30 in the Loft with the following discussion:
1. A demo of digital control the way that the ...


02:44 PM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
Z:TSTDEV is an existing device with basic status and control properties. I added extended text to it. So this dev...
01:02 PM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
I identified existing uses of digital properties, some of which might present a way to do things better. Wrote SQL t...


03:41 PM LLFrontends Revision 23e38541 (cmllrf_review): Add questions for us all to think about.
02:10 PM LLFrontends Revision ab90c523 (cmllrf_review): Remove the devices that are alarm block and not setting downloads.
02:08 PM LLFrontends Revision ed559100 (cmllrf_review): Add ACL script and its results that lists the current value that the
central services will downloard into CMLLRF upon its reboot. Includes
some alarm block properties that should be dis...
01:02 PM LLFrontends Revision aca972ee (cmllrf_review): Add SQL and current result for settable CMLLRF properties not in D121's list,
which means their setting value will not be restored by the central services
upon reboot.


06:01 PM LLFrontends Revision d874d494 (cmllrf_review): Standardize excerpt files with regard to file line termination by
converting files with DOS line termination to Unix line termination.
This inconsistency was an issue in the original...
05:39 PM LLFrontends Revision a31d6d1a (cmllrf_review): Commit back to CVS source code excerpts for save keeping. Keeping extension
so that syntax highlighting will work in various editors. This means the
code review version of CMLLRF will no long...

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