Carl Schumann



  • LELPP (Developer, 11/29/2011)



01:47 PM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
The AN documentation prepared by Paul Joireman,, does mentio...


11:24 AM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
We meet today from 9-10:30 in the Loft with the following discussion:
1. A demo of digital control the way that the ...


02:44 PM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
Z:TSTDEV is an existing device with basic status and control properties. I added extended text to it. So this dev...
01:02 PM LELPP Bug #2217: Digital control through ACNET
I identified existing uses of digital properties, some of which might present a way to do things better. Wrote SQL t...


10:51 AM TCLK Infrastructure Revision da525cd0 (vx-sld): 1. The Tornado 2.0 compilers are reporting a warning which apparently did not
get reported with Tornado 1.0.1. compilers. The warning text is "ANSI C++
forbids cast to non-reference type used...


01:30 PM TCLK Infrastructure Revision e3f08f93 (vx-sld): 1. Add a comment explaining origin of SLD's vendor and device id.


08:43 AM TCLK Infrastructure Revision 71d38cca (vx-sld): 1. Fix t_init_triggers_with_address_and_callback to actually use the callback
provided by the caller rather than automatically using t_periodic.


01:38 PM TCLK Infrastructure Revision 1e89b0b2 (vx-sld): 1. Add SUPPORTED_CPUS variable since libsld.a is only built for PPC603
12:02 PM TCLK Infrastructure Revision bca4136a (vx-sld): 1. Convert Makefile to based one with warnings treated as errors.
a. remove defs.mak unused by
b. add *.d to .cvsignore.
10:26 AM TCLK Infrastructure Revision 9191a63d (vx-sld): 1. Fix .. references to files in other parts of the nnfe hiearchy.
a. nnfeLib.h.
b. defs.mak
2. Regenerate dependencies with make depend.

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