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12:00 PM ATC Support #5117: Removal of HOST_GALAXY
Chris D'Andrea wrote:
> I wouldn't be adverse to that. The only issue is that currently I ingest the target BEFORE ...
11:50 AM ATC Support #5117: Removal of HOST_GALAXY
This is possible for tags but not for other attachments. Being able to do something like this for host_galaxy makes ...


12:35 PM ATC Feature #4947 (Assigned): PSNID z fit information
I agree this would be useful. That would be possible but the z fit isn't forwarded by Chris when he does the fit. A...


10:56 AM ATC Feature #4949 (Assigned): Magnitude information
From Ryan, is there an easy way to display the current (and perhaps peak) magnitudes of a SN in the ATC? For spectro...


07:54 PM ATC Bug #4760 (Closed): Target Ingestion broken
07:53 PM ATC Bug #4640 (Closed): Pagination on targets list is borked
07:53 PM ATC Bug #4794 (Closed): Host Galaxy Tag Fail
07:52 PM ATC Feature #4832 (Assigned): filter & LC fits optimized visibility
Yes I can do this. I am stealing javascript from other websites to figure out how to do this. Stay tuned.
07:50 PM ATC Feature #4829 (Resolved): Model Magnitude, Phase
Does this work for you? If it's okay, change the status of this issue to "closed."


06:54 PM ATC Bug #4797 (Assigned): Ingestion Fail (I think)

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