Ryan Nichol





09:22 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35850 (svn): Adding new version of the threshold + shadowing correction fiting an applying code


11:09 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35602 (svn): These are the preliminary epochs we would write to version 2.7 of the absEpoch tables


03:06 PM NOvA-ART Revision 35275 (svn): This is reverting the last merge from trunk/r35157 and then copying over much of the desired functionality by hand. The automatic merge opened a can of worms that I couldn't work out how to fix in a smooth fashion due to the development version of Calibrator using a new paramter handling container and changes in the Sequence functionality. Anyhow this now has more of the functionality of the development Calibrator but future merging will be fun
03:02 PM NOvA-ART Revision 35274 (svn): This is a partial merge from trunk/Calibrator.h version 34172


02:23 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35192 (svn): Adding TString include, which isn't necessary on some platforms
02:18 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35191 (svn): Ooops I was missing one commit, adding a hacky directory checking function


11:19 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35163 (svn): Adding new deafult for v13
07:46 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35159 (svn): Added a clearer error message for the case of mistamcthed CALIBCSV_PATH_DIR and fhicl tag
07:34 AM NOvA-ART Wiki edit: Calibration-tagging (#17)
06:07 AM NOvA-ART Revision 35158 (svn): Making changes necessary for v13.00 of the Calibration constants. Top of this list is moving away from the old method of reading epochs from the database. Instead we determine them from the filenames in the calibsvs directory.

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