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09:18 AM dunetpc Bug #22248 (Closed): Possible memory leaks in WireCell
Hi David. Thanks for the "gardening"! Yes, with this I mark it closed.


03:48 PM cet-is Support #24279: Add spdlog as ups product
I guess three things to relate:
0) I don't see it mentioned yet but I guess there's one more issue: spdlog ...


09:20 AM LArSoft Support #23780: Include hep_hpc in larsoft distribution
Hi. There currently is no dependency of Wire-Cell Toolkit 0.13.x (latest release branch) on protobuf. The master bra...


04:17 PM SciSoft Feature #22642: Would like an initial version of a HighFive UPS product for DUNE use
Just a few points from me (maybe in lieu of me making some slides):
- I want to add HDF5 support to Wire-Cell Too...


10:07 AM dunetpc Bug #22248: Possible memory leaks in WireCell
The 8 bytes pieces are due to singletons that live until end of job so are expected.
The 301,879 I happen to notic...


10:53 AM dunetpc Feature #19927: Programmatic interface to run conditions
Orthogonal to issues of schema:
I think DAQ needs to be involved. Given the large number of settings changes need...


12:35 PM art Bug #17404 (Closed): producer in end_path is accepted.
This is apparently a bug. See recent larsoft ML thread for context where Marc says:...


02:22 PM canvas Bug #17155 (Closed): Segfault when reading ROOT file in limited environment lacking some data product libraries.
As originally reported on the larsoft mailing list I came across a segfault if loading a MicroBooNE file from product...


10:58 AM fhicl-cpp Support #17121: Docstrings.
Wow, you are fast! Yes, this is perfect. Sorry for the noise of this ticket.
10:50 AM fhicl-cpp Support #17121 (Closed): Docstrings.
This is just a "wishlist" feature request.
I've been enjoying to learn to use the methods for FHiCL validation. E...

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