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02:22 PM adinstbpm Task #24150 (Closed): Make method private
Many methods can be make private from public. Such as insertAtFront(), is present(), get() - some algorithm can be pu...
02:18 PM adinstbpm Task #24149 (Closed): Remove const for MAX_SIZE
MAX_SIZE can change in run time, so it shouldn't be const.
02:13 PM adinstbpm Task #24148 (Closed): Refactor insertAtFront() method to remove duplication
new node record can be move to constructor of node.
02:08 PM adinstbpm Task #24147 (Closed): Make necessary methods const
Many methods in SMLinkedList class can be make "const". Please go through SMLinkedList.h file and figure out number o...
02:04 PM adinstbpm Task #24146 (New): TRACE buffer levels need to be in enumeration
In SMLinkedList.h file need to use enumeration instead of magic numbers for TRACE levels.
11:47 AM adinstbpm Bug #24143 (New): Missing Mutual Exclusion with linked list internals
SMLinkedList.H file.
List and nodes both can be locked. Read and Write locks developed by Elliot can be used here.
11:40 AM adinstbpm Bug #24142 (Closed): A pointer is de referenced before checking it to NULL in remove()
AT Line 177 in SMLinkedList.H file, test pointer is used before checking it against NULL.

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