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11:39 AM DPM Bug #24591 (Resolved): New DPM won't read on event for certain erlang front-ends on the CMTF subnet
The problem was that both nodes had TCLK set to false on D98. DPM currently relies on the status of the TCLK settin...


03:36 PM Central Services Group Bug #19157 (Closed): "DOCumenteation" devices cause infinite downloads on OACs, MACALC
The OAC automatic download code is now aware of documented devices and will not schedule a new download when these de...


10:17 AM DPM Bug #19679 (Closed): DPM doesn't fully support state events
*Charlie* updated DPM to always send the source device of a state event to the lookup service in order to get the dev...


10:44 AM Protocol Compiler Bug #13626: Hashed field names can conflict
This is very low priority due to the fact that it's only happened once so far, and that was a protocol with an unusua...


10:38 AM DPM Bug #17872 (Closed): Scaling String-type devices
Scaling of String-type devices returns just a DPM.Reply.Status with the status value set to 0. This should return a ...


11:48 AM DPM Wiki edit: Python_DPM_API (#10)


02:27 PM DPM Bug #12969 (Closed): DPM doesn't support primary transforms 82 and 84.
Primary transforms 82 and 84 were added to Erlang scaling.


09:57 AM Central Services Group Bug #12635 (Closed): lookup:get_epics_map should not return obsolete devices
The lookup service has been update to filter out obsolete devices. The service has been restarted on CENTRA, CENTRY ...
09:52 AM DPM Bug #12697 (Closed): parameter page does not show error when OAC is restarted
CLIB has been changed to no longer debounce DPM_PENDING status. This was keeping the newly added PENDING status fro...


03:22 PM Protocol Compiler Support #12316 (Closed): Review request [commit:908a1b95bdac01ba7c77c27bbcc54012926e2f71: The generators now always encode floats using 9 bytes.]

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