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10:47 AM Python Environment Wiki edit: Wiki (#34)
Bump version


12:18 PM Python Environment Revision e561ed38 (acsys): feat: Enhance `.add_entries()`.
This commit modifies `.add_entries()` to perform its list of add-to-list
entries in chunks of 100, concurrently. For ...


09:34 AM Machine Protection Revision 2d566440 (vme-blm): chore: :broom: remove chatty debug message.


03:26 PM Machine Protection Revision 1e37843f (vme-blm): fix: some methods weren't testing for correct chan size
I added a template, `Chan<N>`, which formalizes and enforces the number of
channels a device has. Much of the hardwar...
01:51 PM Machine Protection Revision 3d8d0e5c (vme-blm): feat: add calculated devices.
Alan's design has registers the set thresholds, but he doesn't make his
calculations available to read. Adding that t...


03:59 PM Machine Protection Revision 76abc208 (vme-blm): fix: when reseting, reset Alan's HW, too.
03:58 PM Machine Protection Revision 5c71552e (vme-blm): fix: only allow 0 - 100 for percentage devices.
03:56 PM Machine Protection Revision 324ae025 (vme-blm): doc: add comment
I needed to look at the documentation to understand what the conditional
was doing. This added comment will hopefully...
01:34 PM Machine Protection Revision fec4a754 (vme-blm): fix: no need to clear reset register
We learned, during some discussions, that Ning's reset register clears
itself so there's no need for us to do it.
01:33 PM Machine Protection Revision 20271a16 (vme-blm): feat: support two of Alan's version numbers.

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