Richard Neswold





01:56 PM Motion Controls Revision 88661ea5 (fe-micoll): Fix `printf` messages.
These diagnostic messages aren't used much. When I tried, I found they were
missing newlines so the output was unusab...
01:54 PM Motion Controls Revision cf6430d7 (fe-micoll): Fix 4-byte support for ADC readings.
The commit I made recently to support 4-byte values assumed all ints were
signed. In the case of ADC readings, the va...
01:51 PM Motion Controls Revision f2c66777 (fe-micoll): Bug fix in `readChannel()`.
The rewrite wasn't quite correct: after changing the mux, you need to delay
~3.5 us to let the signals settle before ...


01:38 PM Motion Controls Revision 44be8457 (fe-micoll): Rewrite `readChannel()`.
The old code was, apparently, put together by trial and error. It would
interact with the ADC hardware and use 1500-c...
01:35 PM Motion Controls Revision d476317a (fe-micoll): Minor code clean-up.
01:03 PM Motion Controls Revision 8ccb3dab (fe-micoll): The code wasn't handling 2 IP16ADCs properly.
This commit properly handles 2 IP-16ADC Industry Packs. It also prevents
buffer overflows in systems that have more t...
10:46 AM Motion Controls Revision 2648f994 (fe-micoll): Fix collision loophole.
Limit switches are configured to stop the motor controllers when they open
rather than when they close. This is a muc...
10:39 AM Motion Controls Revision 24681afe (fe-micoll): Add global `expected_motors`.
This global needs to be set in the startup script (the module initializes
it to 0.)
The original code hardcoded a mo...
10:37 AM Motion Controls Revision 5baaeecd (fe-micoll): Make sure the MOTOR structures get zeroed-out.


12:05 PM Motion Controls Revision 8c99df24 (fe-micoll): Refactor `setMotor()`.
This version of the function doesn't use `motor[chan]` over and over and
over and over. It now validates `chan` and t...

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