Richard Neswold





03:57 PM Motion Controls Revision b5b9f375 (fe-boowir): Shorten banner comments so they don't wrap.
03:53 PM Motion Controls Revision e4a55767 (fe-boowir): Use array notation. Remove unused functions.
03:52 PM Motion Controls Revision edc720eb (fe-boowir): Remove unused variable assignments.
02:30 PM VxWorks Concurrency Wiki edit: Memory_Spaces (#81)
Don't use 'syntax' twice in a sentence.
02:28 PM VxWorks Concurrency Wiki edit: Memory_Spaces (#80)
Update docs to reflect recent commits.
02:13 PM VxWorks Concurrency Revision d859288e: Enable `.set_field()` method for readable registers.
The `.set_field()` method provides an efficient way to write a subset
of bits of a register by reading it, merging wi...
02:06 PM VxWorks Concurrency Revision 3dfcf555: Use better names for register accessibility.
* `SyncRead` was changed to `DestructiveRead`.
* `SyncWrite` was changed to `ConfirmWrite`.
01:28 PM VxWorks Concurrency Wiki edit: Memory_Spaces (#79)
Make example clearer by removing some of the namespace.
10:41 AM Motion Controls Revision 6262b7a4 (fe-boowir): Fix register access.
The driver apparently works (it's being used in BOOWIR.) However, I believe
it's sensitive to changes in compiler opt...
10:33 AM Motion Controls Revision b7c27fb6 (fe-boowir): Use sized integral typedefs.

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