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02:31 PM VxWorks Concurrency Wiki edit: Wiki (#34)
Mention Event has been changed to a template.
02:20 PM VxWorks Concurrency Revision a58228d9: Convert `class Event` to a template.
Two type tags have been created: `vwpp::TaskSignal` and `vwpp::IntSignal`
to indicate the environment in which the ev...
12:30 PM CAMAC Revision 09dcdcd0 (rd): Simplify functions that return `bool`.
Not sure why people use an `if-then-else` statement to return `TRUE`
and `FALSE`, when you can just return the result...
10:34 AM CAMAC Revision 1447efdf (rd): Remove CVS keywords since we're using git.
10:30 AM CAMAC Revision b094bcb6 (rd): Check size of structures at compile-time.
10:29 AM CAMAC Revision b11511cc (rd): Add a C macro that can do compile-time checks.
Obtained from
10:04 AM CAMAC Revision feae9edb (rd): Move static array into only scope that uses it.
10:01 AM CAMAC Revision 6fc59c04 (rd): The BBM structures need to be packed.


10:29 AM DPM Bug #23344 (Assigned): Node down errors from aliased acnet nodes since erlang dpm shutdown
Just a comment to add: the forwarding-requests-to-the-default-node feature was a hack to get OACs to work with virtua...


10:35 AM DPM Idea #23335: Merge master-py3 to master branch

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