Alexander Moibenko





05:20 PM Enstore Revision 9d0f1e6e (enstore): Merge branch 'moibenko' of ssh:// into moibenko
05:14 PM Enstore Revision 37ccf3e0 (enstore): Log and compares tape addresses received by IBM CLI call and from enstore media call.
05:10 PM Enstore Revision 66b4b4eb (enstore): Added files from fmv18002:/var/M8
05:10 PM Enstore Revision 3de323de (enstore): Check empty packages
05:10 PM Enstore Revision dbb474d1 (enstore): Mount / dismount test for TS4500 acceptance.
Mounts tape from the list in the random order into drives from the list.
example: ./ volumes_for_tes...
05:10 PM Enstore Revision 10807ccd (enstore): Added
05:10 PM Enstore Revision 866c2798 (enstore): This on is to plot lm queue length based on the o=information in DEBUGLOG from


09:43 AM Enstore Revision 9c0bda24 (enstore): Modified installation instructions.


04:09 PM Enstore Revision c28d8913 (enstore): mtx media changer with test unit ready.
Added "Test Unit Ready" command before every load, unload, and status command,
following IBM developers recommendatio...


12:31 PM Enstore Revision 69753dc2 (enstore): Do not propagate exception, caused by failure to communicate with DNS.
1. The failure in communication with DNS server causes exception.
This exception causes restart of the whole enstore ...

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