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11:10 AM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision d92ea473: Rename buttons Load Components and Load configurations to List Components and List Configurations


01:40 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 715c52d7: Bugfix#24859: configuration list of database is now disabled


06:34 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision c0e8e816: added feature where a timer can be set to stop a Run. The timer can be set in mainwindow tools menu. Also added elapsed time and timer lcd panels in state diagram. For some reason I cannot change the new lcd panels palette. I will try to solve this issue
02:03 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 73ba423e: adding elapsed time and timer for runs in daqinterfacestate.ui and Run timer menu in Tools at the Menu bar in mainwindow
01:21 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 3ad1df63: bump to version v1_01_01


01:24 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 5f5d95be: bugfix #24817: first commit for fix crash after database configuration is selected, also fixed load components and load configuration buttons not disabling after terminating transition


05:51 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 8465fcc6: bump to version v1_01_00
05:36 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 3f24bcf9: added DAQInterface shell script call option to every xmlrpc_gui_comm comunication method. All transitions tested.
04:19 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision 380c2cc4: added DAQInterface tab to options menu ui containing a checkbox enabler for shell communications commands. Tested implementation with xmlrpc_gui_comm::getDAQInterfaceStatus(). All transitions ok and gui responds correctly when daqinterface is killed externally with


05:42 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision ca1f1956: changed qDebug to qCritical for exceptions in xmlrpc_gui_comm. Fixed xmlrpc_gui_comm::getDAQInterfaceStatus() returning unknown value for conversion to char* to QString for exceptions. Upgraded MainWindow::checkStatus() in mainwindow to take into account sh_option implementation

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