Tasha Arvanitis





10:43 AM gm2analyses Revision 933ce5da: Merge branch 'feature/strawtracker' of ssh:// into feature/strawtracker
10:40 AM gm2analyses Revision 654cdb89: Merging in from another branch where I was making modifications.
10:39 AM gm2analyses Revision d73c3320: Removed a bug in makeAnalysisHits, minor modifications elsewhere
10:21 AM gm2ringsim Revision d6660b25: Modified CMakeLists.txt file to avoid crashing...oops
10:12 AM gm2dataproducts Revision 913b7cea: Fixed a WireID bug (namespace error caused linker problems when running) and extended FittedTrackArtRecord a bit


10:19 AM gm2dataproducts Revision 6d4d26e6: Split WireID into hh and cc files, minor modifications to TrackerHitArtRecord
10:04 AM gm2analyses Revision 44ea3d3a: removed extraneous couts
09:45 AM gm2analyses Revision 4b009468: Finished refactoring producer modules. Everything works like it did at the end of last week.


04:44 PM gm2analyses Revision d3044710: Many changes, including refactoring drift time calculation to pull all the algorithm stuff out of the module and into strawtracker/util/DriftTimeUtility


05:18 PM gm2analyses Revision 61a777a7: examineHits can now plot helices and lines if it's told to, based on a FittedTrackArtRecord. Dummy fit module can produce dummy fits (line or helix - just comment out the other one) for testing/demonstration of the examiner's functionality. Removed some extraneous output from makeAnalysisHits

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