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09:49 AM dune-artdaq Revision 70d70117: Add the time units in for the timeout and the waitretry
Add the dummy mode for creating TPSet rather than reading them from the FELIX BR.


05:31 AM dune-artdaq Revision 9961c2a1: First attempt at the ZCU102 reader.


10:07 AM dune-artdaq Revision 64149424: Remove the duplicated DAQlogger in the CMakefile
Add the sequence ID to the fragment after discussion with Kurt.
Change the loop to be tps_size() rather than count()


11:55 AM dune-artdaq Revision db941c26: Add counters for the BR that get displayed at stop
Remove the include of uhal (useless)
Remove some of the comments which were not relevant
Make the PTMP a std::unique_...


01:27 PM dune-artdaq Revision 0cc29dd3: Add versionning and metadata in the hitfragment.hh
01:27 PM dune-raw-data Revision 0cc29dd3: Add versionning and metadata in the hitfragment.hh
01:26 PM dune-artdaq Revision 7cc01734: Remove PTMPConfig.h include in the HitFinderCPUReceiver.hh, add timing and versionning in the hit fragment (body and header) add the timing in ptmp sender


02:03 PM dune-artdaq Revision f220b139: remove this PTMPConfig.h since it is now useless
02:01 PM dune-artdaq Revision 17b254c1: Add the socket configuration to the fcl
11:11 AM dune-artdaq Revision f8cff346: ADd the he fragment type for CPU, FELXI, DEVBOARD hits. Add the Hit fragment

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