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11:57 AM SBND code Revision baabcad2: Add some features to be able to run Icarus files, _shouldn't_ break anything with SBND
10:18 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Revision cf61af9d: Change the database dir to use the default one, and set the env var accordingly.
This only partially fixes the issue. To be able to run this we need to
have setup artdaq_database and also to export


02:48 PM sbndaq Feature #23556: Track temperatures of CAEN v1730 cards
Temperatures are now tracked and send to the metric manager, with commit 0f435ed7.
An upcoming student has express...


02:00 PM Fermi Redmine Feature #23614 (New): Add branch information to list of Activity and Revision
Current information being displayed on the Activity page is:
07:35 AM Revision bd9asskd: Commit message
Mr Fancy ...
12:13 PM SBND code Wiki edit: How_to_setup_your_directory_and_launch_your_first_job (#21)
11:56 AM SBND code Wiki edit: Newbie_Material (#15)


10:09 PM sbndaq Revision 0f435ed7 (artdaq): Add a metric to check the CAEN channels temperatures


02:34 PM sbndaq Revision 6a8bab2b (artdaq): Reduce verbosity of BernCRTZMQ
01:26 PM sbndaq Bug #23601 (New): Consistent namespaces and package naming
Across the repo there are some holdovers from our ununified days, stuff like @sbnddaq_artdaq@ and @icarus_artdaq@.
06:27 PM sbndaq Wiki edit: Wiki (#46)

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