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10:54 AM dunetpc Revision c6c812f3: Updated fhicl for runningtriggering for future clustering uisng Pierre software


06:57 AM dunetpc Revision b6238705: Adding FPGA hit adjusted fhicls for using FPGA hits as a basis for clustering hits from SNB nu


01:33 PM dunetpc Revision 0dea2edf: Modifications to include peak information in FGPA emulation Hits and DAQSimAnaOLD output trees. Hit-finder untested as of yet for finding peak info. This didn't require updating a hit definition but did require updating the .h which is the intermediate hit structure in Phils framework.


08:55 AM dunetpc Revision 8cf2093a: Addition of TPG tools to allow pedsub+firfiltering to occur in FPGAHit TPG tool to avoid using modukes designed for FPGA validation. Also now avoids outputting anything except the DAQSimAna file from running these TPGs. New fhicl for this is FPGA_noise_addpedestal_col_ind_TPG_Hits.fcl and includes induction wire hits.


05:31 AM dunetpc Revision d8dab0a5: should have been committed in addition to last commit
05:28 AM dunetpc Revision 3670c480: Addition of induction wire hit-finder which simply takes the absolute value of ADC values supplied to the trig prim generation algorithm. Collection channel algorithm is separate from ind channel algorithm. Output hits can be distinguished by looking at the HitView, 0+1 ind, 2 col


04:26 AM dunetpc Revision 7812ff19: Lots of new fhicl files and and couple of new hit-finder tools to use in emulation of firmware for single/many channels. Also adding modules for conversion of fw-found hits to recob::Hits and comparison of two sets of recob hits. (mostly) Works currently for single channels or up to a single event. Needs extension to allow an event by event comparison and to make summary plots over all events


08:53 PM dunetpc Revision 694e9e60: ConvertFWHits working
08:04 PM dunetpc Revision b52f195f: ConvertFWHits module undergoing final debugging


07:13 PM dunetpc Revision 065fe4bc: Convert FW Hits from text file to recob hits. Just need to make an example file to finish and test with.

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