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02:57 PM dunetpc Revision 1a27e69f: unknown changes to daqquickclustering for unknown reasons
02:42 PM dunetpc Revision ab659084: adding packetized version of pedestal subtraction and hitfinding to repo
02:41 PM dunetpc Revision de7817ae: adding lots of moduels and fcls which need to be sorted into whether they should be kept or removed


12:14 PM dunetpc Revision 3cc761f6: finally committing FPGAValidate_convert_swem_comp_packetized.fcl with (I think it was updated Pedsub and FIRFiltering)?


05:04 PM dunetpc Revision ea77d50f: adding fhicls for software emulation of firmware for validation purposes


06:40 AM dunetpc Revision 85ce1ef1: fixes to FIRFiltering and PedestalSubtraction modules to allow building, they still haven't been used to replace old modules in fhicls


09:23 AM dunetpc Revision 283c9a04: Adding updated versions of the FIRFIltering and Pedestal subtraction code which now are able to account for what is being passed to them being data or mc/simulation. Have removed a lot of stale and old code from them. and are the only modules which should be used from now on - other vversions should be removed
09:19 AM dunetpc Revision 308d9b4b: Updates to ConverFWHits_module and early attempts to address bugs from TriggerPrimitiveStitcher_module, which has not yet been fixed


12:27 PM dunetpc Revision 509741b0: removing hitlabel input for ConvertFWHits as is unused
11:27 AM dunetpc Revision 0402f37e: Updated FIRFilter to end with a 6 bit right shift instead of 7. Numerous additional tweaks to modules

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