Krishan Mistry





10:11 AM sbndaq Revision ec620758 (minargon): removed empty meta data from being sent


02:39 PM sbndaq Revision 8a37ac49 (minargon): updated the meta data query and function to return different format


03:47 PM sbndaq Revision cdd4a60f (minargon): changed hardcoded time to incorporate timezone and also merged in master branch
03:32 PM sbndaq Revision e3252862 (minargon): Merge branch 'master' of into kmistry
02:33 PM sbndaq Revision 98ac24fa (minargon): removed empty list updating
11:22 AM sbndaq Revision 45aa1762 (minargon): removed print statement added 5 hours to the case of a none stop time as a temporary correction, updated the sbnteststand database query and also some general tidying up of the comments and redundant code


06:30 PM sbndaq Revision 7d5992ac (minargon): Merge branch 'master' of into kmistry
06:29 PM sbndaq Revision ca0b369d (minargon): Changed query to select time range between the stop and start times. Also added a test route for grabbing meta data. One hardcoded value of adding 5 hours to the unix time stamp has been introduced, this needs to be fixed later down the line


05:39 PM sbndaq Revision 1c447c54 (minargon): Added more protecton to some of the functions, changed the process variable names for each database and also updated the database query to work with sbnteststand.
12:03 PM sbndaq Revision 348eb50b (minargon): Minor changes to the sbnteststand database query

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