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05:39 PM sbndaq Revision 1c447c54 (minargon): Added more protecton to some of the functions, changed the process variable names for each database and also updated the database query to work with sbnteststand.
12:03 PM sbndaq Revision 348eb50b (minargon): Minor changes to the sbnteststand database query


12:28 PM sbndaq Revision 06712219 (minargon): Added in some more failsafes to the postgres api in cases of negative time and null variables


10:34 PM sbndaq Revision 2590ae44 (minargon): Updates the return format of the data to jsonify. Changed a parameter in the icarus db query


02:41 PM sbndaq Revision 31d98e8f (minargon): resolved merge conflict and incorporated the changes from both branches
02:25 PM sbndaq Revision 06b8f95e (minargon): Added in option to use ICARUS Test PVs with ***CONFIG NAMES CHANGED***, also updated the query to get postgres to give a time in unix ms. Final change was to update the sample step size function to work with the previous update


02:05 PM sbndaq Revision bec4e86a (minargon): reshufled some of the functions and updated the get timestamp function. Also now converts the python datetime objects to a unix time in ms


05:46 PM sbndaq Revision f4172662 (minargon): added a call to the stream_args function to allow a user set time range to plot and also added a step size variable. This is currently global unitil a better way of getting the variable is made. Should be fixed in the next comit


01:45 PM sbndaq Revision dbb9c9fb (minargon): first commit with adding postgres related code


02:48 AM Vertical Slice Test Wiki edit: Wiki (#43)

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