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10:34 AM GlideinWMS Wiki edit: ReleaseTestingMatrix_3_6_1_rc1 (#13)
10:23 AM GlideinWMS Wiki edit: ReleaseTestingMatrix_3_6_1_rc1 (#12)


05:39 PM GlideinWMS Bug #23636 (New): Frontend Fails with KeyError
While deploying a frontend (v3.4.6) I found the following message in the error logs under "group_main":


05:14 PM JobSub Bug #20908 (Closed): Unexpected Condor emails
Vito reported receiving unexpected Condor emails on SNOW:
Today I'm getting emails from Condor for each jobid that...


05:30 PM lar_ci Feature #18270 (Resolved): Have test_runner find the test configuration file from the source directory
The test_runner will now look for ci_tests.cfg files in both "test" and "test/ci" directories.0
Changes included on ...


12:45 PM lar_ci Feature #18292 (Resolved): Unlock the number of events processed when regenerating reference files
The number of events processed when regenerating reference files is not forced to 1 anymore.
Now it will respect the...


02:57 PM Continuous Integration (CI) Feature #18008 (Resolved): Allow the CI regression test script to check differences in data product size even if there are already difference in the list of data products
The CI regression test script now continues running even if there are differences in the list of data products.
In t...


04:57 PM Continuous Integration (CI) Task #18007 (Resolved): handling of comments in test_runner script when parsing the ci_tests.cfg configuration file
Now an exception is raised when "#" is found in a configuration parameter.
To comply with Python ConfigParser policy...


03:22 PM JobSub Bug #17564 (Closed): Problem with jobsub_q on new GPGrid
Testing jobsub on the new GPGrid I noticed jobsub_q is misbehaving.
The new cluster has two schedds but when you do ...


11:00 AM FIFE Task #17348: Create a comprehensive test plan for jobsub testing with refactored GPGrid
There seem to be a misbehavior of the alias at least with jobsub_q.
When you run a jobsub_q --...

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