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03:29 PM artg4tk Feature #25432: Incorporate and register a custom physics list
Lynn Garren wrote:
> David, I presume that you discussed this with Hans and the geant4 team is OK with the proposed ...
02:40 PM artg4tk Feature #25432 (Closed): Incorporate and register a custom physics list


03:18 PM artg4tk Revision bba2dfa6: Header cleanup for custom physics list


01:45 PM artg4tk Revision 87311725: Renamed custom physics list for clarity.
12:42 PM artg4tk Revision 119efdff: Imported and rebranded G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BERT_HP and G4NeutronPHPBuilder from Geant4 v4.10.6.p01. Also added the custom ParticleHPCapture classes from the UC Davis working group to modify the gamma energy spectrum for neutron captures on argon.
11:12 PM artg4tk Revision 66654d55: Converted MyQGSP_BERT_HP into an extensible physics lists and registered it. Included the lists directory to the build of artg4tk to compile into a shared object that can be linked in larg4.
10:48 PM artg4tk Revision 8f000ab0: Added lists/ directory for a custom physics list. Imported QGSP_BERT_HP physicslist and rebranded it as MyQGSP_BERT_HP.


06:56 PM LArG4 Wiki edit: Migrating_to_the_refactored_larg4 (#56)


10:09 AM NuSimData Revision 5c5f89e2: Always store the penultimate point for a trajectory when sparsifying. Require that a trajectory has at least 4 points before we start removing points.


11:04 AM dunetpc Revision a1bf365b: Added SparsifyMargin required parameter.

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