David Rivera





02:31 PM sbndaq Revision 8fda6117 (artdaq-core): Fixed bugs in the PTB overlay class
01:51 PM sbndaq Revision 3af17edf (artdaq): removed trace printout of padding for PTB
01:43 PM sbndaq Revision f3de8644: Created and added fhicl files for the PTB and the spare PTB in the standard configurations directory. Updated PTB artdaqDriver in the artdaqDriver directory.


05:28 PM sbndaq Revision cf2b6d63 (artdaq): Temporarily changed board name back to ctb instead of ptb in the json blob to match what the PTB expects.
05:25 PM sbndaq Revision 97c061b8: Modified and moved working fhicl file for the ptb to the artdaqDriver directory.


02:36 PM sbndaq Revision f9e04930 (artdaq): Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
02:35 PM sbndaq Revision 2ca3a072 (artdaq): Get rid of large number of error printouts; check first if this_data_size == 0 before comparing to expected CAEN event size.
02:02 PM sbndaq Revision 19f626db: More DataLoggers = more power. Disabled the test pattern on all pmtxX.fcl to be able to see the NIM inputs on ch0. Increased getNextSleep to 100us from 1us.


11:56 PM sbndaq Revision a492646e: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop


10:19 PM LArSim Revision 375d7b86: Added the HadronHP physics list as well as parameters in the simulationservices.fcl to adjust the Proton range cut to be consistent with the Hadron HP physics lists which set this cut to 0.

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