David Rivera





01:18 AM LArG4 Revision 9830922b: Print the volume name when overriding the stepLimit.
01:17 AM artg4tk Revision 0d83a29d: Print the volume name when overriding the stepLimit.
11:55 PM artg4tk Revision 21d117fc: Merge branch 'feature/drivera_steplimit' into develop
10:08 PM LArG4 Revision f09196b9: Merge branch 'develop' into feature/drivera_larg4_steplimit
10:07 PM LArG4 Revision f7afa7c1: Defined the V/cm unit for backwards compatibility with older versions of the GDML. In the future the Efield aux parameter will not be utilized, but for now it can still be parsed properly.
09:51 PM artg4tk Revision be54b431: Added volumeList and stepLimit list parameters to the GDMLDetector_service to enable setting the stepLimit from the configuration file for the volumes specified and overriding the value set via the GDML file if set there. Added checks to ensure that the stepLimits are valid and prints warning if and when a stepLimit is being overriden through this method. Exceptions are thrown if the number of volumeNames to be set don't match the number of stepLimits provided. If not provided in the fhicl file both lists default to empty and only stepLimits in the GDML (if any) are set. G4Exceptions are also thrown if the any of the volume names provided are undefined in the GDML file. Also added parsing for aux units provided with geometry parameters such as the StepLimit.
09:39 PM artg4tk Revision b7c9d44e: Removed printouts occurring for every GDML volume in the geometry.


07:43 PM dunetpc Revision fd2e3cc9: Updated the units sections for steplimits and E-fields in the refactored pdsp v7 geometries.
07:43 PM dunetpc Revision c4c4580e: Upped the default StepLimit from 0.46725 to 0.9525 mm in the refactored protodune v7 geometry. Also included Richie Diurba's changes to the CRT geometry.
07:43 PM dunetpc Revision 607f0757: Added the volumeNames and stepLimits list parameters to the protodunesp refactored LArG4Detector configuration to allow the stepLimit to be overriden at run time.

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