Daniil Frolov





10:04 AM Runs Task #24877: DR_1_Run_8
Tried to test pulsed setup with new switches: measured Pappas' qubit readout. As expected, power levels went down by ...


06:08 PM Runs Revision 544be089 (dr1_run_8): changed wiring
03:32 PM Runs Task #24877: DR_1_Run_8
CW measurement of chi_0 shift of fundamental mode of RI-2 cavity.
High power(20dBm, black)
Low power(-10dBm, blue)


05:18 PM Runs Task #24877: DR_1_Run_8
estimation of TI-1 Q from decay (slightly better than TI-2)
decay time from -64 dB to e times (green line) = 39 ms
05:01 PM Runs Task #24877: DR_1_Run_8
We found the resonance of RI-1,
freq = 2.985951150 GHz
Mixing chamber temperature = 65 mK (It is increased a little...
04:45 PM Runs Task #24877: DR_1_Run_8
Some more accurate estimation of TI-2 Q from decay:
decay time from -50 dB to e times (green line) = 32 ms
Q = pi *...
03:25 PM Runs Task #24877: DR_1_Run_8
We found RI-2 cavity,
f= 2.985769709 GHz
Q ~ 1e8
temp of mixing chamber = 53 mK


04:55 PM Runs Task #24877 (New): DR_1_Run_8
+*Initial information on DR1_Run_8.*+
*Main goal:* measure Rigetti qubits inside 3 GHz cavities.
Schematics of ...
04:40 PM Runs Revision 231952a3 (dr1_run_7): initial commit
04:36 PM Runs Revision 99756b20 (dr1_run_8): initial commit

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