Jacob Calcutt





10:04 AM protoduneana Revision 8b873081: PionAnalyzer: Added branches for checking some calorimetry stuff without SCE corrections. Added filter for non-reconstructed events in job fcl


03:34 PM protoduneana Revision 5b4bf21d: Extended random priors to the incident + sideband samples
02:54 PM protoduneana Revision 1ad5fe48: Calibration: made the HitToEnergy recomb factor configurable. ShowerUtils: added methods to handle getting art Ptr vector of hits. Implemented in PionAnalyzer to handle the shower energy
02:52 PM protoduneana Revision 747d2aae: ProtoDUNEFit: Took out 'StatFluctuate' implementation -- That is already in the Toy MC generation. Added method that generates a single Toy MC for this


02:51 PM protoduneana Revision 4061bd14: ProtoDUNEFit: Adding 'DoNegativeReco' flag to the systematic hists
11:34 AM protoduneana Revision 25bcf651: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop


01:29 PM protoduneana Revision 1f2826ed: ProtoDUNEFit: Added chi2 to fitting plots
11:37 AM protoduneana Revision ae302cc4: ProtoDUNEFit: Added ability to do statistical fluctuations of the data samples (to be used within asimov fits)
10:27 AM protoduneana Revision c3cd762a: PionAnalyzer: Added the shower direction and (an attempt at) the shower energy (summing dEdX*dX for showers). Only works for Prod3 because the forced-reco Prod2 sample didn't do the calorimetry for the forced shower reco..


02:21 PM protoduneana Revision 6454fdfd: ProtoDUNEFit: Added ability to start interaction/signal POI at random vals. Also added ability to draw the prefit-POI on the output POI canvas

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