Jacob Calcutt





02:48 PM protoduneana Revision b2e38af2: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
02:48 PM protoduneana Revision 8dbb2baa: Adding fcl file for just doing reweight parameters in the fit
02:48 PM protoduneana Revision 0f3fd541: Fixed a bug in the spline creation, it was looping over all systs every time
01:50 PM protoduneana Revision f6aa9b5b: Added endl for a print statement. Added syst parameters for writing chi2/n on output
10:21 AM protoduneana Revision 85a23e48: PDSPThinSliceFitter: Added g4rw systs to AbsCex. Includes 'grid' of weights rather than simple +- 1'sigma'. Added the grid weights to PDSPAnalyzer to facilitate this


08:14 AM protoduneana Revision 433017de: Added beam res systematic output tree branch for width


04:38 PM protoduneana Revision aa235c39: ThinSliceFitter: Added dEdX variation fake data. Fixed some bug where the fake data xsecs were attached to an input file that was being closed, resulting in a segfault
09:22 AM protoduneana Revision a4f5da7d: ThinSliceFitter/AbsCexDriver: Saving tree of weights for beam res systematic. Made PDSPThinSliceFitter::CompareDataMC (and corresponding Driver methods) more configurable. Added method to shift parameters individually to post-fit +-1sigma and draw results


08:07 PM protoduneana Revision 5900bc9a: PDSPThinSliceFitter: Added beam resolution systematic (need to implement diagnostic/validation plots). Fixed a few bugs during throws with systs: systematic parameters should be allowed to go < 0, but this was causing it to rethrow. Now checking that the <0 pars are from signal/flux. Also, was using the parameter hist with a normalized value to compute throw values. This was creating parameter values close to 1 (which is not always physical for some systs)


10:49 AM protoduneana Revision 089fbf5d: PDSPThinSliceFitter: Tidying up. AbsCexDriver: Writing to file the dEdX_Cal_Spline variation hists

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