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11:06 AM cet-is Support #23835: Support for Geant4Reweight package
Thanks for all the help Lynn,
I see a bug that needs fixing. When I submit a new tag (i.e. v01_00_02) is there a...
10:53 AM protoduneana Revision 8ef0c31a: Put in dependency on dunetpc v08_40_00. Made protoduneana depend on geant4reweight. Starting to implement in PionAnalyzer


12:12 PM dunetpc Revision 0e1ced89: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
12:11 PM dunetpc Revision 4476654e: Deleted most of DataUtils. Kept ProtoDUNEDataUtils + some filters there. Moved T0RecoSCE fcls to protoduneana. Added DataUtils back to CMakeLists
12:09 PM protoduneana Revision f578295e: Moved some filters and ProtoDUNEDataUtils back to dunetpc. Moved fcls for T0RecoSCE_module from dunetpc to here. Made sure CMakesLists were linking to ProtoDUNEDataUtils + ProtoDUNEUtilities. Made sure the header files were correct.


11:25 AM protoduneana Revision 56d6a384: Merge branch 'feature/util_migrating' into develop
11:24 AM protoduneana Revision 6db17652: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
11:24 AM protoduneana Revision a50dd457: PionAnalyzer_module: made sure to use the calibrated + SCE dEdX for chi2 PID
09:10 AM protoduneana Revision b52bbc0b: Moved the various utility classes from dunetpc into protoduneana/Utilities. Changed dependencies in files + CMake to these. Moved protoduneana/singlephase/T0Ana/ from dunetpc.
08:59 AM dunetpc Revision 92213dee: Removed DataUtils from dune/Protodune/singlephase/CMakeLists.txt to stop it from building. From other CMakeLists: took out link to ProtoDUNEDataUtils Library. Moved dune/Protodune/singlephase/T0Reco/ to protoduneana.
Note: keeping the DataUtils directory for now. It won't build due to changing CMakeLists, but I don't want any files ...

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