Andrew Mastbaum





05:37 PM uboonedata Revision 721f6724: add genie v3.00.04a ccqe splines
05:35 PM uBSim Revision bbae1b50: update spline rw xml path


03:28 PM SBNCode Revision 672cbc3c: further event improvements
* Don't duplicate truth in RecoInteraction
* Add indices for easier truth/reco associations
* Add option to disable w...
01:08 PM SBNCode Revision 73b7a344: write out run/subrun/event ids
also remove extraneous cout output
12:54 PM SBNCode Revision f9ac9f9b: convert many doubles to floats
Convert doubles to floats in the event data structure to reduce file size.
This is especially important for the event...
11:37 AM SBNCode Revision 7215bf9f: separate tree with one entry per reco neutrino
Slightly reorganize the event structure, and output two trees, one with the
full MC truth and reco vectors, and anoth...


06:31 PM SBNCode Revision dd01f3c2: implement requested changes to the event structure
* One tree entry per reconstructed neutrino (duplicating MC truth)
* Add parent decay -> neutrino interaction baselin...


06:27 PM LArSim Revision e1bc7d79: store eventweight parameter values in a ttree


03:59 PM uboonedata Revision c1f15d03: add missing scc reweighting histograms
Add in a missing ROOT file containing 2D histograms for the reweighting
calculator handling the second-class current ...
01:58 PM SBNCode Revision da5a203a: update product_deps

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