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02:40 PM TIssueV2 Revision 3129: v8_2n: CHG000000016939:
Debugging stanzas on the same page without server refresh
(thereby losing any request information)


09:58 AM MISER Revision 2187: v8_0s: INC000001090696/CHG000000016909: change
'FRANK, CHRISTINA' to 'KELLEY, CHRISTINA' for mms preparer.


09:39 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3126: v8_2m: still CHG000000016757:
need to delete the REQUEST_URL keyword from the argdict
in tissue_api._tissueQueryThis method, because that keyword...
08:05 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3125: v8_2l: o 2019-11-04
still CHG000000016757: add tissue_transaction_management decorator
to the request_timings middleware so that we do ...
07:57 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3124: v8_0b: (part of CHG000000016757):
- change data type of request_timings.request_uri from
character varying(255) to text.


12:56 PM TIssueV2 Revision 3122: v8_0a:
- remove rreitz and chet from the seed data for
script (used in testing)
- change ddl/M...
11:02 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3121: v8_2k: o previous release missed the changes to (had
them everywhere else). Add the raiseUnexpectedException urls
for the GUI.
10:27 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3120: add forced setting of DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE to table file so that unit tests pass no matter what the dependencies
10:16 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3117: add forced setting of DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE so that we can unit test reliably no matter what the dependencies
10:07 AM TIssueV2 Revision 3115: CHG000000016757: inherit nearly everything from TisseWebBaseUtils, implementing only the raiseUnhandledException

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