Jingbo Wang





01:03 PM artdaq Utilities Revision 1f97bfb7 (daqinterface): JCF: add potential MessageFacility formatting to messages in the Component base class
01:02 PM artdaq Utilities Revision 0ff5d5b6 (daqinterface): JCF: during config, if a FHiCL document requested in the boot file is missing in a configuration, rather than return to the stopped state, return to the booted state and give the user the option to choose another configuration


09:54 AM dune-artdaq Revision be6c9551: Replace the printfs with the dune-artdaq-standard TRACEs (see
for more)


08:24 AM dune-artdaq Revision 1c4677fb: Replace the printfs with the dune-artdaq-standard TRACEs (see
for more)
08:13 AM dune-artdaq Revision aff02a60: Added fix for Timing Board Reader


12:44 PM artdaq Utilities Revision 7dda51f7 (daqinterface): JCF: v3_00_06b: accounts for the fact that even though the partition number is 4 or 5, it appears in the boot file as 0 or 1
12:33 PM artdaq Utilities Revision c6ccfbd6 (daqinterface): JCF: add to the logic of the crosscheck with JCOP's ranks file by accounting
for the fact that partitions 4 and 5 list their partition numbers in the boot
file as 0 and 1, respectively
11:19 AM artdaq Utilities Revision eebbdde1 (daqinterface): JCF: v3_00_06a: two big changes:
-This DAQInterface version allows users the option of selecting
advanced_memory_management in the settings file (see ...
11:16 AM artdaq Utilities Revision 35ccddf0 (daqinterface): JCF: in light of my request to have Run Control switch over to sorting the ranks
of artdaq processes within a given artdaq process type group (e.g., EventBuilder, or BoardReader)
alphanumerically, g...
09:52 AM artdaq Utilities Revision 1641184a (daqinterface): JCF: remove obsolete bookkeeping functions

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