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11:28 AM JobSub Feature #20477 (Closed): Move IFDH commands into config file
Closing this. Since we're transitioning to using the Rapid Code Distribution service, it doesn't make sense to devel...
11:25 AM JobSub Feature #7313: Support regex in jobids for certain client commands
Added a blocker - we don't want to work on this until the optparse-argparse code is in master. The functionality tha...


03:59 PM JobSub Feature #23116 (New): Review request [commit:6828275f7235c14c1220e65be943ef2f83978693: Fixed _resource_callback code to accept kwargs]
I rebased this code off of the master branch on 8/13/2019. Please let me know if this looks good. I haven't cleaned...
03:57 PM JobSub Feature #22164 (Feedback): Upgrade jobsub code to use argparse instead of optparse
Rebase done. Opening a review request to Dennis.
03:54 PM JobSub Feature #21409 (Accepted): incorporate cvmfs rapid code distribution into jobsub submission
LGTM. Sorry it took a while to get to this.
02:10 PM JobSub Revision 6828275f: Fixed _resource_callback code to accept kwargs
02:10 PM JobSub Revision 8f2df96d: Updated Settings modules to argparse
02:09 PM JobSub Revision c043c54e: Moved fill_jobsub_history to argparse
02:09 PM JobSub Revision ea6adba1: Fixed bug where jobsub_submit_dag was passed as server arg
02:09 PM JobSub Revision 10f3b3e9: Finished moving rest of client code over to argparse

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