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01:21 PM project-py Revision 4d362497: Update to meet PEP8.


05:04 PM project-py Revision 09014d9d: update login/setup section
12:49 PM project-py Revision c48ccee6: Merge branch 'master' into develop becaue of changing for PEP8.
12:02 PM project-py Revision 75e49649: Update to meet PEP8.


11:27 AM project-py Task #21762: local tarball
The file may be big, in the order of 500 MG for uboone.
07:31 PM project-py Task #21762 (New): local tarball
One critical feature used in these workflows is the “local tarball” feature. I want to check with you if t...
07:30 PM Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature #21761 (New): POMS support users' own executables?
An analysis user ask if POMS can use users’ own modification of analysis modules that differ from those official modu...


02:58 PM Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature #21752: SAM Metadata fields include POMS campaign ID and submission ID?
Thanks for the reply. It is great that POMS already covered these.
02:56 PM project-py Task #21758 (New): Add POMS campaign ID, Stage ID, Submission ID to SAM
A analysis user asked below features from project-py:
" Ideally, a metadata field indicating some sort of POMS cam...
02:36 PM project-py Task #21757 (New): Create a project-py main code and signature
As we will keep project-py has the same user interface as "", we still need to define the structure of our ...

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