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02:15 PM project-py Revision f942871b: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
02:15 PM project-py Revision 0499dfce: use prod instance as default.
09:12 AM project-py Bug #22807 (Work in progress): The --show_campaigns command doesn't filter campaigns names provided by --campaign option


02:51 PM project-py Task #22784 (New): Organize uboone analysis meeting
We will need to have a meeting with uboone analysis users as soon as Anna satisfy with the second test. We will giv...
02:48 PM project-py Task #22783 (New): Testing with uboone analysis job that has more than one stages that have dependency
02:45 PM project-py Feature #22782 (Accepted): Make POMS prod as default instance
Currently we have int as default for Project-py. We need switch to prod as default.
02:42 PM project-py Task #21686 (Rejected): Need a tool to merge small art files
Merge are root file requires fcl file. This is basically submit a job with the fcl file and set ifdh_art = True . We...
02:28 PM project-py Task #21758 (Closed): Add POMS campaign ID, Stage ID, Submission ID to SAM
We just want to make sure if the final output from a analysis job needs registering to SAM. The outputs generated dur...


11:31 AM project-py Feature #21684: Create a tool to mv files on dCache and update SAM
I talked with Brandon about SAM4Users and this tool can do exactly what we want: moving a dataset that a...


11:41 AM project-py Task #21750: Create a POMS merger small root files campaign from XML
Asked Tingjun and he confirmed that /dune/app/home/dunepro/MCC10-Production/BeamNeutrinoSamples/prodgenie_nutau_dune1...

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