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12:20 PM project-py Revision 6616a3bb: handle cfg template default value nicely.
10:52 AM project-py Revision 4c680510: add check for None value
10:23 AM project-py Revision b69cc5c6: fixed project level data overwrote stage level info
09:22 AM project-py Revision be12a466: added more test cases and directly set sam_consumer.limit and global.numjobs


04:52 PM project-py Revision 93e6d99a: Merge branch 'develop' into yuyi_PR
04:50 PM project-py Revision c211d0d4: update stage in order to have njob define at submission time.
04:43 PM Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature #22959: POMS API to update parameter override for a campaign stage
Hi Vladimir,
Could you add another signature to this API by having stage_id as input ? Current it uses campaign_na...


04:59 PM project-py Feature #23143 (New): Three-step submission
The Uboone tester asked to have a flexible job submission that will let the user to specific number of jobs submitted...


04:23 PM project-py Revision 4586bef0: Update for code review and remove the part for prestage and dataset size check becaue we will decide that during the submission time when user suplied njobs
02:35 PM project-py Revision 1963c4b5: space added

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