Jose Ignacio Crespo Anadon





03:27 PM sbnddaq Revision 4bb8da94 (readout): Update dependencies and fcl for DAB test stand


07:31 PM uBooNE code Revision 2b75a4a3: Version used to produce plots shown at the meeting with the Editorial Board on May 30, 2019
Add histograms for:
- Angle of Michel electron with respect to wire plane
- Michel electron length
- Photon-cluster's...
07:21 PM uBooNE code Revision e27fe388: Fix bug in version used to produce plots shown at Collaboration Meeting on April 24th, 2019
Only ticks between 1600 and 4800 (half event) were used for the plots for induction planes with external unbiased dat...


12:03 PM uBoone Operations Wiki edit: Supernova_protocol (#6)
08:34 PM uBooNE code Revision 5de04a77: Make deconvolution optional by adding a tool that just copies the input data
It allows to just apply the baseline subtraction and the flipping-bit correction from CalWireZS (e.g. as a first stag...


03:10 PM uBooNE code Revision 739bb9b9: Version used to produce plots shown at Collaboration Meeting on April 24th, 2019
Update ADC to MeV calibration factor using value from David C. stopping muon analysis on (a subset of) the trigger st...


02:43 PM uBooNE code Revision b54c82d7: Add script used to make the plots shown at the APE Meeting on April 16th, 2019


05:41 PM uBooNE code Revision 8699d30f: Fix hit multiplicity value for photon cluster
05:36 PM uBooNE code Revision 225bdd50: Major changes to analysis (version used for plots for APE meeting on April 9th, 2019)
Reject events with more than one Michel electron candidate on one plane.
Choose the event time range (different betwe...


08:11 PM uBooNE code Revision d2385fa2: Add example to run over Michel reconstruction over 3 planes

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