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07:20 PM sbndaq Bug #23554: Triggers but no fragments
There was a proposal to implement a WIB-FEM optical link error protocol, but the new WIB firmware is supposed to make...
06:18 PM sbndaq Bug #23554: Triggers but no fragments
Confirmed that the issue is caused by the BNL WIBs. The optical data coming from the WIBs cannot be processed by the ...


12:39 PM sbndaq Feature #23555: Test status of components and catch/throw relevant exceptions
There are plans to improve the logging and exception management, but they have lower priority than other more urgent ...
12:12 PM sbndaq Bug #23554: Triggers but no fragments
Please provide additional information.
Were the PCIe cards active? (e.g. the DAQ server was rebooted and WinDriver ...


04:31 PM sbndaq Wiki edit: Issues_with_TPC (#3)
03:54 PM sbndaq Wiki edit: Issues_with_TPC (#2)


08:20 PM uBooNE code Revision 5311668f: Update plotting script with the options used for the approved Public Note


03:27 PM uBooNE code Revision c5151b86: Add option to write label (e.g. MicroBooNE Preliminary or INTERNAL) in plots
09:51 AM sbnddaq Revision c8777b04 (readout): Configuration fcl files used for production tests at Nevis Laboratories
For the tests prior to September 26th, 2019, framesize was commented out in NevisTriggerModule_config.fcl


07:29 PM uBooNE code Revision b9023b87: Comment out the plotting of original and baseline-subtracted flipping-bit corrected waveforms

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