Rob Kutschke





09:11 AM art Support #19599: art job influenced by random files
I am interested in reviving this issue. We again had a situation in which ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH was not properly defined...


06:25 PM art Bug #24843 (Assigned): art job crashed but completed successfully when retried almost immediately ..
Mu2e is looking for advice on how to proceed with the following.
Mu2e has a github hook that does CI on Jenkins as...


08:41 AM canvas_root_io Bug #24827 (Closed): Prof distribution of root v6_20_06 is actually debug
Based on file sizes, the output of nm and measured execution speed we believe that:
root v6_20_06 ...


12:38 PM art Bug #24814 (Closed): Some small bugs in the art and fhicl-dump help output
I was updating Mu2e documentation about using art and encountered a few minor issues; nothing is pressing.


07:59 PM art Bug #24660 (Closed): Core dump in Event::getMany using an art::Selector
In Mu2e Offline there is a core dump in a call to getMany with an art::Selector that is formed from the AND of two ot...


12:58 PM fhicl-cpp Bug #24659 (Closed): Validated configuration that used to work in art v3_05_01 no longer works in v3_06_01
The description below is using art v3_06_01. I can’t tell if our problem is that we are not using the tools correct...
08:58 AM art Bug #24652: A problem remains with selectors in art v3_06_01
With that change it compiles. It will take maybe an hour to verify that the output is correct.
How long would it ...
07:23 AM art Bug #24652 (Closed): A problem remains with selectors in art v3_06_01
After the work in issue #24640 a problem remains with a selector that contains an operator!(). To reproduce on any ...


04:15 PM art Bug #24640: art::Selector broken in art v3_06_00
Thanks for the fast turn around. Please let me know when the new mu distribution is ready.
08:44 AM art Bug #24640 (Closed): art::Selector broken in art v3_06_00
When we tried building the Mu2e code against art v3_06_00 we found two examples where we use art::Selector that now f...

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