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12:09 PM Build Environment Support #19989: License manager isn't responding
I tested from vxbuild1 after the LM downtime on May 2nd, all worked. I just tested again on vxbuild1 and it now fails...
11:58 AM Build Environment Support #19989: License manager isn't responding
I've confirmed and sent email to license admin
# env is the only command that is not a shell built-in, uses PATH s...


03:38 PM VxWorks Kernels Feature #12822 (Assigned): gige on newer 5500s does not work
03:37 PM VxWorks Kernels Bug #12821 (Assigned): vxMemProbe does 8-bit read
03:35 PM VxWorks Kernels Feature #12820 (Assigned): vxi
make new vxi kernel
03:34 PM VxWorks Kernels Bug #12819 (Assigned): hung at bootloader
i saw 5500 hang even with my new bootloader, it usually works, but probably need to use watchdog timer.


01:58 PM IRM Bug #12696: IRM not returning error status on bad setting
What's BAD_LENGTH in hex or dec, is there a header file with these?

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