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03:41 PM CMS Tier-1 Task #12206 (Resolved): Upgrade workers to osg3.3 and condor8.4.4
This is a duplicate task. closing it


11:22 AM GUMS Bug #9873 (Resolved): Add logs for /usr/libexec/gums/pwdgp-gen/

Log was created long ago but it was not rotating - fixed rotation
11:20 AM GUMS Bug #9874 (Resolved): Create check_mk sensor for the logs

Updated script to have execution time and created check_mk sensor for logs
11:18 AM GUMS Feature #10154 (Closed): Have the GUMS password generator deployed from a GIT controlled repository added to check_mk git repo


01:57 PM GUMS Support #9703: Stop the databases on fg5x4/6x4
mysql stop on these nodes were not enough as they started next day.
"chkconfig mysqld off" should be performed.


08:51 AM HTCondor - CMS LPC Support #9725 (Resolved): Kernel update and reboot of all LPC workers
kernel and xrootd updated . Rebooted all nodes.
08:51 AM HTCondor - CMS LPC 4.00 hours (Support #9725 (Closed): Kernel update and reboot of all LPC workers)
Done on last scheduled outage day 8/05/15


02:52 PM GUMS 1.00 hour (Task #9069 (Resolved): Validate Dmitry's passwd generator script)
running on gums1/2 and generating web and
01:44 PM GUMS Support #9068 (Closed): Move the GUMS databases to the DB groups HA facility
01:44 PM GUMS 20.00 hours (Support #9068 (Closed): Move the GUMS databases to the DB groups HA facility)
gums1,2 are pointing to mariadb cluster supported by DB groups

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