Gary Plunkett





01:09 AM gm2calo Revision 09d5bcbf: Merge branch 'feature/MDC0' of ssh:// into feature/MDC0
To push changes to the island chopper to the current MDC0 branch
01:04 AM gm2calo Revision 63952671: Changed the SetRunningSumVariables method to use a while loop
instead of goto statements. Also updated comments a variable names.


03:00 PM gm2calo Revision 4446eefe: Had forgotten to remove code which generated my testing traces from the island chopper.
02:58 PM gm2calo Revision c98d5b42: Merge branch 'feature/MDC0' of ssh:// into feature/MDC0
Island Chopper can be considered complete, need to pull recent changes to push it
02:51 PM gm2calo Revision 66c97e74: Island chopper now accepts an input pulse-shape as a template for
pulse-shape triggering and running sum triggering.
Pulse-shape triggering function generalized to work with any set


04:23 PM gm2calo Revision abd013df: Commit islandchopper so I can merge changes I made today to it
with other changes made in gm2calo
02:21 AM gm2calo Revision 6353ebfc: Merge branch 'feature/MDC0' of ssh:// into feature/MDC0
Updated the island chopper, found errors preventing default triggering
method to work properly with negative pulse po...
02:17 AM gm2calo Revision 414f6cca: Made some fixes to island chopper's trigger method involving
pedestal level.
Added a function to calculate pulse-shape weights for a passed-in
pulse but still needs to be tested....
12:06 AM gm2calo Revision 1fa3bb2f: Island chopper changed to accept RiderArtRecords. Trigger threshold
changed to ADC counts and not MeV. Fixed a problem with triggering
negative-polarity pulses.
CaloFillAnalyzer's name ...
10:35 PM gm2dataproducts Revision 071028a5: Re-reverted the CMakeLists to include calo_old,
turns out its fine to include both IslandArtRecords
since they have different namespaces.

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