Alexander Himmel





04:11 PM NOvA-ART Revision 36201 (svn): Add some initial tools to prepare for cosmic filtering.


11:08 AM LArSoft Bug #22339 (Resolved): Tons of Error Messages from OpDetBTRs
It seems some CI jobs (G4 in Microboone, and I'm told ICARUS as well) are spending a very long time reporting error ...


11:58 AM dunetpc Bug #22193: Issues in
Also, for context on this issue generally, the items you mention above look like a bit of leftover detritus from when...
11:35 AM dunetpc Bug #22193: Issues in
Ah, nevermind. This is real data, so this is normal. These are electronics channels not actually connected to a detec...
09:52 AM dunetpc Bug #22193: Issues in
OK -- looking into it now.
09:46 AM dunetpc Bug #22193: Issues in
Those errors are showing up in current development? If so, they're not expected. I will try to take a look.


01:38 PM LArSim Revision 1a662d34: Clean up the fhicl configurations of the PhotonVisibilityService.


12:53 PM cet-is-public Support #21500: NOvA Request for new nutools release
FYI -- with the new nutools build we were able to check Geant and it shows the intended effect.


10:25 AM cet-is-public Support #21833: geant4 v4_10_4_p02 with patch for NOvA
OK, Matt Strait is going to try to check it this afternoon.
Note that our ability to check it is dependent on thi...


03:40 PM cet-is-public Support #21833: geant4 v4_10_4_p02 with patch for NOvA
Since Krzysztof has signed-off, can we proceed?
The plan we agreed to on the phone was as follows:
- Apply the pa...

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