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03:46 PM MAGIS-100 Feature #20716 (New): There weren't any issues. This needs to be fixed.
We'll call this a test, shall we?


04:15 PM Elog Bug #14663 (Closed): HttpServletRequest is null

Well, this is embarrassing... Unfortunately an unexpected error has occurred.
Please help out your friendly...


03:26 PM Elog Idea #14585 (Accepted): Boss-o-schedule link not on new E-log
It's useful to have one-click access to the crew schedule.


11:50 AM Elog Idea #14486 (Feedback): More UI issues
Make the right bar collapsible.
11:47 AM Elog Idea #14484 (Accepted): Cosmetic details with new log.
Go back to the old date format (Fri Nov 11 2016 rather than Fri 2016-11-11) because we are humans.
Date and userna...


02:27 PM Main Injector MECAR Application (PA1665, I2) Bug #8318 (Closed): I2 doesn't set I:EOB20 correctly?
It looks like I:EOB20 is set to the end of the 8 GeV CAPDEP rather than the end of flat top (presumably dating back t...


12:42 PM Elog Feature #7493 (Closed): Should be a scratchpad link on the Elog
There should be a scratchpad link on the bar at the top of the elog.


09:47 PM Elog Idea #6896: Collapsible content
Ming-Jen is being overly critical of his log entries.
I suspect that most of his goal here is achievable with the ...
09:44 PM Elog Bug #7241 (Closed): Evil evil evil character limit
"Message: User: pa entered invalid input while trying to add a new entry. Text length must not be greater than 5000 c...


11:24 AM Elog Feature #5785 (Closed): Need the antiselector
Given the increasing use of the Elog by people like PXIE, the ability to exclude particular logs would be more and mo...

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