Eric Flumerfelt





09:11 AM artdaq Wiki edit: Artdaq_repository_branches (#835)
09:10 AM artdaq Bug #25281 (New): RequestBuffer segfaults in Mu2e
We are seeing some segfaults in Mu2e BoardReaders. The issue appears to be related to a missing unique_lock in the Re...
07:54 AM mu2e_artdaq Revision cf5c02a2 (core): Change to indev version
07:54 AM mu2e_artdaq Revision 36390cac (core): Merge branch 'stable' into develop
07:53 AM mu2e_artdaq Revision ab0ff15f (core): Update artdaq_core and add s104
07:53 AM PCIe linux kernel module Revision 8b79b2b2: Change to indev version
07:52 AM PCIe linux kernel module Revision 94b347cb: Update TRACE version and add s104.


02:45 PM artUtilScripts Feature #25276 (New): Can we call prep_build in do_build?
I'm running a lot of Jenkins jobs lately, and one thing I've noticed is that buildFW always downloads the source tarb...
12:13 PM PREPModernization Revision 2594afce: Back to indev version
12:12 PM PREPModernization Revision e54a70f7: Add s103

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